How To Choose A Proper Format For An Undergraduate Dissertation

To write an excellent dissertation, you’ll need to format it properly. How to choose the right format for your paper? You won’t need to do this by yourself. The requirements for formatting will be indicated in your assignment guidelines. Moreover, you may always consult your professor if you want to clarify some details. The most popular formatting styles are the MLA and APA. Below, you may look at the general guidelines for these formats.


  1. Use Times New Roman font type and 12 pt. font size. You may select another font type for parts of the text that should be written in italics.

  2. The text of a paper should be double-spaced. After periods and other punctuation marks, you should leave only one space.

  3. The margins of your paper should be set to one inch on the top, bottom, left, and right.

  4. The 1st line of paragraphs should be indented 1/2 inch from the left. You may use the Tab key instead of pressing the Space five times.

  5. The page number should be placed in the upper right corner, flush with the right margin and one-half inch from the top.

  6. The titles of books and other longer works should be written in italics. This font type might also be used to provide emphasis.


  1. Margins on all sides should be set to one inch.

  2. Times New Roman is the only font type that should be used throughout the text. The font size should be 12 pt.

  3. The text of the whole document should be double-spaced. Leave one space after commas and other punctuation marks within sentences. Leave two spaces after punctuation marks that end sentences.

  4. Align the text flush left and maintain uneven right margin.

  5. Create a running head flush left at the top of the page.

  6. Use active voice and avoid writing in an impersonal form.

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