A List Of Thought-Provoking Dissertation Ideas About Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre was written by Charlotte Bronte. The author was born in England and there are several parallels between the book and Charlotte’s own life. Of course, if you have been assigned to do a dissertation on this book, you must read it. This way you can have background with which to do your research once you decide on a topic. You can also access the many different websites on the internet that talk about the book and get ideas from there. You may be tempted to not read the book but please don’t do that. You will definitely do a better job on the assignment if you get a good picture of your assignment by reading the entire book. Here is a list of thought-provoking dissertation ideas about Jane Eyre.

  • What is the significance of the plot settings? There are 5 distinct settings in this book.

  • Does gender have any significance in the choices Jane has?

  • Does Jane conform to the gender roles of the era of the book?

  • How does Jane’s level of British class change throughout the novel?

  • What were the factors that decided which class position people were in during the timeframe of the book?

  • What supernatural element is there present in the book?

  • Is psychological terror a factor in the book?

  • How is deceit a major theme throughout the book?

  • How do ethics and morality guide Jane’s actions in the book?

  • How is mysticism used in the novel and what is its purpose? Talk about dream, fortune telling, lightening splitting the oak tree

  • Is Jane obsessed with her appearance? How does this play into the book?

  • Does this book fit gothic criteria? How does the book get away from the gothic criteria? How does it affect the overall book?

Once you have read the book, you will get a better idea which one of these dissertation topics you would be able to write the most about. Usually you can do better on a dissertation if there is plenty of information and research material on the thesis. It is also important that you are interested in the topic you choose. The more interested you are in the topic, the more you will focus and spend quality time preparing the paper. There is plenty of information on dissertation topics for Jane Eyre that can be found on the web at (input your website here). Make sure you choose one with large amounts of information and something that is interesting to you as well as your audience.