How To Make Citations In The APA Dissertation Format: A Quick Guide

Writing a thesis is one of the most challenging tasks for students because it decides their advanced level qualification. If you are able to pull off a great paper, only then you will have the approval from the official committee members in your university. Sometimes you will feel exhausted and drained because it is a lengthy project with further complications that you cannot always stay motivated and dedicated. Often it may get hard to follow a proper structure and stick to a certain format while writing your assignment. It is better that you write your paper first and then format it or ask someone else to format it for you

Different teachers and universities have different preferences for the formatting. Some teachers think it is better to follow a standard style like APA or MLA, while others prefer to have custom designed papers. If you are to write a paper using the American Psychological Association APA style guide, then you must follow their recent updates. Such format is usually used for papers in psychology and general science. However, you can also use the format for another subject if specified by your teacher

Citation and referencing is critical because it helps the readers know where you got your data from while writing the paper. They can check the sources at the end of your paper and see the authentication of your work. It is also important to cite your sources because else wise it will be considered as plagiarism. You should give the credit to the original author when you use their work in your paper. If you are not sure how to cite references in APA format then you should use this service. They can help you in creating the best format without any errors. Meanwhile, here are a few things to remember while citing a paper with APA

  1. The first thing you should identify is that whether your paper is published or not. The paper you are referencing to will have different methods to cite depending upon its publication

  2. You will use a specific format for dissertations that are published on the web as compared to those in print. Thesis published on the web will have a DOI with them

  3. Check whether there is one author for the paper or more, because that will also change the way you cite