Impressive Dissertation Writing Ideas On Drugs: 15 Fresh Suggestions

If you are planning on writing an academic research paper on the subject of drugs, you might have realized by now that there are several different ways of looking at the subject. For writing on this subject, you firstly need a thesis idea that you will base all your research and writing on. Here are some helpful prompts to get you started.

Suggestions for writing a paper on drugs

  • High-potency cannabis and its relationship to the structure of the brain

  • A study of the habits of the countries with the highest rate of prescription drug abuse

  • Patterns of early-age cannabis usage

  • How the abuse of drugs can have an anti-social effect on teenagers

  • The truth behind the “party pill.”

  • How cocaine changes the brain and its functions

  • The baby boom generation’s association with the abuse of prescription drugs

  • How LSD reorganizes the brain network

  • Use of cannabis for medical conditions in children

  • Expiration dates and drugs - busting myths

  • Free samples of drug prescriptions - what is the real story behind this

  • How are big pharmaceuticals linked with mass gun shootings in America?

  • Statin drugs’ connection to brain damage

  • Which are the most powerful natural medications that actually work

  • Is the country spending money on medication that can be cured by adopting a healthier lifestyle

The most important point to remember is that writing a dissertation should be a unique and interesting experience. Not only should you pick a subject on drugs that you are most interested in but you should also pick one that will grab the attention of the reader. Ideally, it should be looking at an issue that has either never been dealt with before or one that is looking at a similar problem from a different angle.

The above fifteen suggestions should ideally be used as prompts to help you discover a theme that you are most interested in. This way you will be able to expand on a subject that you like by using a suggestion above and do your own research.

You will soon find that there are thousands of ways of looking at the subject of drugs - positive and negative. You can use one of the above suggestions and base your dissertation on a completely different angle depending on your own findings.

Ultimately, in order to sustain your interest in writing a dissertation, you should be writing it on a subject that actually grabs you.