List Of 20 Unique Dissertation Topics Regarding Education

Education is a field that constantly changes and evolves. There are plenty of topics related to education that can be chosen to write a great dissertation. However, some students have problems with generating topic ideas, so they need help. If you’re struggling with selecting a topic for your academic work, look at the list below.

Interesting Topics about Education

  1. The impact of the Montessori Method introduction on pre-school education.

  2. Adding business studies and money management to the primary school education.

  3. Eliminating standardized testing from the secondary schooling system.

  4. Changing university level courses to suit the information age.

  5. The advantages of Montessori-trained teachers over conventional teachers.

  6. The increased popularity of private education.

  7. The ways to reduce the number of crimes committed by public school students.

  8. The disadvantages of home schooling related to the lack of social interaction.

  9. The ways to increase investments in adult education.

  10. The importance of holistic education in comparison to academic education.

  11. A comparison of Montessori-educated pre-school students and ordinary students.

  12. New ways to measure performance levels of students in primary schools.

  13. An opportunity for high school students to learn more about entrepreneurship.

  14. Making Tertiary education universal, like primary and secondary education.

  15. The lack of dedication in modern teachers.

  16. Emphasis on personality development in private schools.

  17. Public school students and participation in sports.

  18. The rising trend for home schooling in the USA.

  19. Benefits to the economy from vocational and apprenticeship programs.

  20. The advantages and disadvantages of faith based schools.

Sources That Can Help You Write Your Paper

If you think that you won’t be able to complete your task successfully, you may use the assistance from different sources to increase your chances of earning a high score. First of all, you should regularly visit your professor to get consultations on how to conduct your research, structure your paper, and so on. If you think that your writing skills aren’t developed enough, you should take writing courses in a local academic center. You may also hire a personal tutor who will provide you with advice on every aspect of your work. Using the services of a professional editor is good to make sure that your paper doesn’t contain any mistakes.

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