Creative Dissertation Ideas On Biomechanics: 9 Great Topics

There are many fascinating fields of study regarding biomechanics. Today, a multidisciplinary approach is required in order to come up with results on most of the researches. A lot of options are fascinating because of the possible repercussions that come along with the possible outcomes. Read more to find out some of the most promising topics in this science today.

  1. Next generation of prosthetic limbs for handicapped people. The current research on prosthesis for human beings is focused on improving the designs in different ways. The materials and components are in constant upgrade according to the most recent discoveries.

  2. Recreating animal movement for robots. This is another fascinating field of research nowadays provided that robotics is being developed in a regular basis. In order to create more efficient designs, we ought to get ideas from nature in the first place.

  3. Research on human hand movement. Another useful field of research which is focused on recreating our capabilities. Unfortunately, the efforts on this regard are limited because of the complexity of our hands.

  4. Can we create a bipedal android in the near future? This is a very useful question in which many people are working currently. We already have some bipedal robots but they are still unable to walk the way we do.

  5. Is it possible to replace all human organs by their manufactured counterpart? In he foreseeable future, we will be able to enhance human lifespan by upgrading ourselves with biomechanical organs and limbs. In this regard, nowadays the prosthesis are being improved in order to achieve the same quality of life.

  6. Robotic limbs that are controlled at will. Nowadays, there are prosthesis that can be controlled without using external devices.

  7. Fluid-structure interaction (FSI). The study of the fluids in living beings is a very complex field of study today.

  8. Growth and remodeling. Understanding how living beings grow is relevant for many purposes in science for the following years.

  9. Optimization. There are quite a few ways to outline the research on this issue in order to come up with a solution with a satisfactory solution. One option is to look for the best medical device design according to certain parameters. You could also carry out a sensitivity analysis by comparing experimental outputs to the expected values for different measurement inputs.