How To Come Up With An Interesting Dissertation Topic: 16 Tips & Ideas

Writing your dissertation is an exciting step in your academic and your professional career. It will help you to get your advance degree and to open doors for future employment opportunities. This is an exciting, and a very busy step.

The very first thing you must do is to select your faculty advisor. Then you will meet with him or her to work on a subject for you to write about in your piece. It has to be exciting and educational, but it first must be approved for the school.

There are a few easy to use and hidden secrets for how to select the best idea. We have 16 tips & ideas on how to come up with an interesting dissertation topic that we wish to share with you.

16 Suggestions

  • Write about what you love, the paper is always better when you like your subject

  • Check with a key word search to make sure your idea is not over-used

  • Talk to your advisor about your ideas

  • Make sure to submit the idea by the school deadline, do not start until you are approved

  • Look at social media for trending ideas

  • Read industry periodicals to see what is happening in your field

  • Talk to the experts via email or phone calls, they probably have a feel for what is relevant in the subject

  • Go see your professors and ask them what they think you should do

  • Look five years down the road at possible field advancments

  • Show your sense and respect for the history of your field

  • Consider how many participants for your studies you will need and where you will get these people or things for the surveys and experiments, this is important

  • Keep the topic rather tight, so your idea is not all over the place when you write

  • Consider taking a traditional idea and looking at it or approaching it from a totally unique angle or point of view, step out of the box

  • Be realistic, you may not be able to get to the South Pole to count polar bears, have a sense of realism about what you can and can’t do

  • Look at old papers to see what others have written about, their ideas may lead you to your own idea

  • Roll up your sleeves and get to work and be prepared to work hard with this subject for about a year of your life