What To Know About The Dissertation Format: Helpful Directions

What do you need to know about the format of writing a dissertation? This is a rather open ended question whose answers are endless. If we were to conclusively answer this question in the most appropriate manner, chances are high that we might have to deliver a lecture and you would have to take notes. However, since we are trying to make your work much easier, perhaps we will shed more light on the important elements that can work well for you instead.

The format of your dissertation is perhaps one of the things that not so many teachers will teach you. In most cases you will be taught how to write one, but not so many people will emphasize on what the structure should look like. This is one of those things that you should find out on your own.

The following are some useful tips that will help you as you prepare to format your paper in the most appropriate manner, in the hope that you can deliver some really good work:

  • Choosing the title

  • Writing an introduction

  • The body of your paper

  • Conclusion

Choosing the title

We must mention this, just in case no one ever gets to tell it to you. You start earning or losing marks from the topic that you choose for your work. A good topic should have an independent variable, a dependent variable and the scope of the study, so that it stays relevant.

Writing an introduction

The introduction must be precise, short and concise. It should give the reader an acute view into the work that you are about to do, and most importantly it should keep them glued to your work and interested, if not entertained.

The body of your paper

This is where all the hard work goes. It is mandatory that you focus some really good research into this section if you want to get some good marks for your paper. It is very easy for you to lose the plot here, especially when you are working on the literature review. Make sure that you cite your sources appropriately too.


The conclusion, just as is the case with the introduction, is a really simple and short section of your paper. However, if you fail to do it right, you will lose marks here too. In the event that you are out of ideas, there is nothing wrong with going back to the introduction and lifting ideas from there.